Meet Megan Pogash 

Megan Pogash - Your Feng Shui Guru

Megan Pogash - Your Feng Shui Guru

I am a feng shui practitioner advising clients in MA and RI. We remove obstacles to success in your environment.

Equipped with my analysis and expertise, we will channel the best outcome for your home, organization, school, wellness/ meditation center, and sensory/ therapy room.  

I studied feng shui voraciously for years. When trying to sell my apartment in New York City at the height of the economic downturn, because of my interest and endless study on the subject, I was able to feng shui my apartment and receive an outstanding offer for purchase at the first open house! I became a certified Feng Shui Master Consultant, upon completing the Red Lotus Feng Shui Master Consultant Course in October 2015.   



To bring natural order, meaning and calmness to life by creating interior flows that inspire overall wellness.