#FengShuiFriday - Art and Balance - March 25, 2016


Happy ‪#‎fengshuifriday‬ ! Here is your ‪#‎fengshuitip‬ : Notice how beautifully balanced black & white / midnight blue & white appear together; These postcards of paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC (in 2012) are lovely examples of yin and yang. (Ahh, it's great to know that I took my one-year-old-at-the-time to see these.) The opulence in Renoir's "The Lodge", is evident in the jewelry, binoculars, dramatic curtains and theatre box. These, along with the fresh flowers in the woman's hair and dress, are examples of feng shui. So is the beautifully landscaped estate~ including the lush gardens and flourishing flowers~ indoors and outdoors~ in Bartholome's "In The Conservatory".

One can create the feeling of grandeur with feng shui, even in the tiniest of spaces. If your space needs a boost, and you could use some guidance, contact me! 💜megan@yourfengshuiguru.com & www.yourfengshuiguru.com 💜 If a loved one could use some direction, why not share my ‪#‎fengshuitips‬ with them or surprise them by booking a fun consultation for them! 💜 I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy St. Patty's Day, yesterday! 💚 The day before that was 💖"Raft Day" 💖 in our family. This year marked 43 years since my folks were discovered after their raft took a wrong turn down a tributary of the Amazon River, and they were thankfully discovered~ alive~ 26 days later! They are wonderful parents and grandparents! 

💚 I am honored to have the opportunity to carve out this "new" career in feng shui, just as I am honored to be a mama to my kiddos, and just as I was honored to be an actress, a teacher, and work in college admissions. One of the best feelings, as my parents taught me, and as I've experienced, is making a positive impact in others' lives. This is true for any act of kindness as well as for a career~ however different (haha it certainly has been a creative journey. 😘 ) Since one's home is a reflection of one's life, feng shui adds flow~ allowing all the more joy to flow into your life. If this sounds good, please take advantage of my friends-and-family full-home consultation rate for yourself or treat a loved one who could use a boost! 

💚 Have a fun feng shui weekend everybody!

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