#FengShuiFriday - NYC - March 18, 2016


Good morning from NYC. What a beautiful new world trade center subway hub. 💙 Apologies for this being the first post all week! My "free time" was dedicated to learning a film editing software program at our local tv station this week (so I can edit a little soon-to-be feng shui segment to share), and would you believe the frustration I was feeling at the editing desk with my back directly in line with the doorway? Once the director thankfully moved me to a desk that was out of the doorway (and facing one door, so I was a bit more in the "command position"), I confidently learned my new skills, happily, with ease! Ha! (The very subject of the video is about the importance of desk & bed placement! ) True story!!  😍 Happy Spring everybody! I hope you're enjoying seeing some daffodills and cherry blossoms opening up. Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I'm excited to do a feng shui consultation in the city tomorrow, see family, and head back for an Easter egg hunt on Sunday~ that is great chi for your yard and home! 

💖 Happy ‪#‎fengshuifriday‬ and enjoy a lovely weekend full of beauty and feng shui! I hope you enjoyed your ‪#‎fengshuitip‬ 💕 Peace & love & wellness, Megan.

P.S., please contact me to book your feng shui consultation! You know you want to! 💗 megan@yourfengshuiguru.com www.yourfengshuiguru.com 💓

new WTC transit hub march 2016