#FengShuiFriday - Feb 5, 2016

Good afternoon! It's ‪#‎fengshuifriday‬ : William Shakespeare wrote "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." It's peaceful watching the snow fall here in Massachusetts. Yesterday marked the feng shui new year and, after dancing in a music class, we celebrated by enjoying a delicious crock-pot meal from a new organic cooking club. The #fengshuifriday tip I offer today is to enjoy the new chi that comes your way~ be it snow~ cooking classes~ anything new and exciting and perhaps a tad bit out of your comfort zone~ embrace it! :) When you embrace this new opportunity, life becomes richer, confidence grows, and you will be able to look at your space with a fresh lens. Bringing your rejuvenating, renewed energy in from the outdoors, or from a gregarious gathering/activity or after connecting with a special friend, allows you to see what areas need love in your space and inspires you to take action. The Chinese New Year is on Monday. I encourage you to "clear out the clutter" and "clean up the crusty kitchen" (ha!) to make way for refreshing chi to circulate throughout your home and office in this new year. Have a spectacular weekend! <3