#FengShuiFriday Tip - Jan 22, 2016

It's ‪#‎FengShuiFriday‬ with Your Feng Shui Guru. Good morning! Did you know that all Feng Shui starts from the outside? I recently saw the movie Joy and throughout most of it I wished these characters knew about feng shui, or somehow made it a priority to follow-through on their instinct to fix things (such as the post on their front stoop). If they did such things, their family dynamic would undoubtedly improve, as their stress level upon entering their home would dissipate and the chi (energy) would flow more smoothly instead of rushing. Looking at our family's front door, I realized we were in need of a new welcome mat for the new year and fortunately my two-year-old helped me pick out the perfect one! It says Live Happy! It is a rainbow of colors (awesome feng shui), with fluttering butterflies and birds. It is a bright pick-me-up in the winter which allows us to slow down and smile that extra second or so before entering our home, which is a good thing! :) Have a harmonious weekend everybody! Happy #FengShuiFriday! <3