#FengShuiTip - "Bright Hall" - Feb 19, 2016

Good morning & Happy Feng Shui Friday! Even on a cold, cloudy Winter's day in NH, notice the auspicious surroundings that these homes enjoy: a waterfront view (icy lake right now) and the support of the hills and mountains behind them. (Even if we, ourselves, do not have these surroundings, we can "recreate" them with landscaping & hardscaping in our bright hall~ our front lawn, walkway, driveway etc. as well as the sides and back of our property to better support ourselves and our families.) I hope this is a helpful tip. <3 Can you think of ways that you can improve the chi outside your home?Have a lovely weekend. ‪#‎fengshuifriday‬‪#‎fengshuitip‬ ‪#‎fengshuitips‬ ‪#‎chinesenewyear‬

Your Feng Shui Guru's photo.