#FengShuiTip - Feb 3, 2016

Good morning! Enjoy a ‪#‎fengshuitip‬ from Your Feng Shui Guru: Are you pleased with the lighting in your home? In feng shui, it's important to respect your circadian rhythm and offer lighting options for your family, or employees at work. Have you considered what you are "lighting up" in your space? I realized that we were in need of a lamp in our home for reading (and in general) and my two-year-old helped me (she's got great instincts!) to buy a cool antique (with new wiring) 1950s (it goes with our ranch style home) 3-way lighting (it's great to have options!) toll lamp that we'd been eyeing. We placed it in the North West corner of our dining room (near the living room couch) (it's an open floor plan). This NW corner is a great area to add light (fire) this year to burn up the wood energy from the angry 3 star. The NW palace is the Patriarch's sector and also the sector for support and travel and networking. It has a metal symbol, so adding metal harmonizes this sector (and also cuts the wood star that is there this year). So, we are pleased with our "fire" orange metal lamp and placement. 

My sweet four-year-old promptly noticed the lamp and announced that he would not break it. Ahh. love! Seemingly moments later, however, he marched out, wearing my shoes, and within a nanosecond my high-heal was kicked directly through the white drum shade, hooked to the rim! Ha! *Luckily* (deep breath for mama) everything remained completely in tact! Whew. (I know he'd make a great soccer player but he's not currently into the organized sports thing.)

Squeeze the little ones in your lives; They give off the best chi of all! Pure love! (Maybe this wasn't my son's "best" moment, but the day before when he gently covered my daughter with a blanket on the couch and announced that he wanted to take care of her, was one of the millions of "best" moments. <3

Good luck creating the feng shui lighting that is best for your home, space, and family. I hope you enjoyed your #fengshuitip and as always, have a lovely day full of feng shui! <3