#FengShuiTip - Loved Ones -Feb 26, 2016

Good wishes & thoughts (or prayer or meditation, or whatever you are comfortable calling it) are chi/energy. If you are missing a kind spirit/loved one who has "left the planet" and you want to display their photograph, the North West section of your home (or the North West corner of a room, with the exception of the diningroom, or wherever you are eating, and the bedroom), is the ideal location, as this area is symbolic of support for you and your household. Please enjoy a peaceful weekend. If you would like to receive my free Your Feng Shui Guru newsletter-to-be, visit the top of my homepage to sign-up: www.yourfengshuiguru.com ‪#‎fengshuitip‬‪#‎fengshuitips‬

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