#FengShuiTip - Clean, Circulating Water - March 29, 2016

Check out this beautiful marble shell fountain from The Breakers, an opulent mansion in Newport, RI. Circulating water, whether from a fountain or fish tank is an auspicious feature for any home or office~ just make sure to put them in the correct area (otherwise it could have a draining effect~ and no one wants that). Great locations include the North (to activate your career), the East (to activate your friends & family area), the South East (to activate your accumulated wealth), and this year, the South West (which is the love & relationship sector as well as the matriarch's corner). Do not place a water feature in a bedroom or bathroom, however. Good wishes as always. Book you personal feng shui consultation now and begin reaping all of its benefits. Enjoy a lovely day full of feng shui! ‪#‎fengshuitip‬ ‪#‎fengshuitips‬ 💕 xo Megan megan@yourfengshuiguru.com www.yourfengshuiguru.com 💜

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