#FengShuiFriday - Manifest Your Dream Home - May 6, 2016

Happy ‪#‎fengshuifriday‬! Since our homes are symbolic of our lives, ‪#‎fengshuitip‬: manifest your dream home~ for many of us that refers to where you are living right now~ by tearing images out of magazines & creating a vision board (you want it to be an organic, juicy response that you have to something~ don't over-think it)~ maybe it's a color, texture, tone, shape, that you are drawn to~ the possibilities are endless); get inspired and let your chi meander in a whole new way! (Maybe this means getting rid of some things, rearranging others, and discovering something appealing in your home that you see in a new light.) I hope you feel renewed by my ‪#‎fengshuitips‬. Today my sweetheart and I get to celebrate 9 years of marriage together! I am so thankful that I manifested this amazing man into my life 16 years ago (~or we "crossed paths"~ or we were sent to each other~ or we "found" each other, ha! Who knows what to call it! But we are having fun evolving and dancing through life's rhythms together and as a family. I hope you are too! Feng shui definitely helps! I can say that for sure! Take a deep breath and breathe in the bliss around you. 💜💖💕Have a tranquil, wonderful weekend. Www.yourfengshuiguru.com

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