It was only when my three year-old daughter asked me moments ago about this shell lei (she is fresh from a trip to Hawaii), pointing to this beautiful patch, which is part of a lovely wedding quilt from family and friends, that it "dawned on me" how much this has surely influenced us every day for almost 10 years so far.  This quilt hangs on our wall, facing our bed. It is what we see, unconsciously or not each day & night. There is a lot of symbolism, meaning, and emotion in what we surround ourselves with and the placement of  those pieces of art. This is a happy and calm wall-hanging. 

What hangs opposite your bed? Find a way to bring in more peace, if you can. 

Aloha is not only a greeting and a goodbye, but also a joyful, alert, peaceful way of life. 

Aloha everybody! 🌸