Ahh, Hawaii, you are with me. Don't you just love meeting people and having them recommend special, meaningful spots for you to check out?  On our date-night in Maui, as my husband and I ~ and a lovely bunch of folks~ oohed and ahhed over the whales which we spotted again and again in the distance, just beyond Kapalua Bay, with the vibrant, stunning, stretched-out setting-sun ripening before our eyes, one gal asked "Are you an artist?" and assured me how I would love Sacred Garden in Paia on Maui. Was she right! With only hours to spare before catching our flight back home, we arrived with our kiddos, at this amazing, lush, relaxing space which resides on a vortex. The owner transformed the previous-heroin-growing-and-manufacturing-spot into a tranquil center for meditation & wellness. Way to harness energy for the better!

This is a photo of their indoor labyrinth. Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Feng Shui tip: do it! :) You will have a memorable experience. I vividly remember walking labyrinths two other times in life: once at a Unitarian church in New Bedford, MA and once at a pop-up labyrinth in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. When you walk through, one can't help but stay focused and let-go and have a clear mind. 

I would certainly call that person whom we met a "heaven helper". (This can be someone helpful who comes to you at just the right time.) In Feng Shui, this sector is in the NW. And for this year's Year of the Rooster, the annual energy of heaven helper is also in the North. The North sector is symbolic of your career. So if you are looking to improve your career and heaven helper areas, continue to follow Your Feng Shui Guru & reach out to me about booking a consultation in these areas (a full consultation is the most holistic of all).

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Enjoy a tranquil, uplifting weekend!

💚 Megan