Happy Spring

This week marked the Vernal Equinox. With this time of growth and renewal comes the need to clear out the clutter. Does this photograph look like a pile in your home? The "pile" could also be something weighing on your mind. Get it out. :) Whether that means journaling until your pen runs out of ink or creating a vision board for a dream that seems to call you (it could have to do with your family, career, wellness, creativity, you name it), or getting together with a supportive friend to help hold each other accountable with pursuing your dreams and de-cluttering your mental states in a fun way~ just remember you can do it!  The "clutter pile" could even be a virtual one. In this age of Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, and so on, the visual clutter of programs you've watched or tried (and those which your streaming outlet thinks you will like but maybe you actually don't), can easily get out of hand and weigh you down. Is that how you want to feel when you sit down to relax and enjoy a movie or your favorite tv show? Take a moment to find your password & declutter what you can. You'll feel lighter.  Often, an important first step in Feng Shui is de-cluttering. It is an on-going process. Take a deep breath filled with beautiful loving confidence & proceed in whatever area you feel could use some de-cluttering-love. You got this! 💜 Happy Spring! Enjoy a weekend full of wonderful chi! 💓

💕Megan Pogash, Your Feng Shui Guru🌸


Happy Feng Shui Friday! 💫