Irises 💜

Ahhh. Who's heard of a one-day-only-blooming-Iris-plant? I had never seen one before and I happened to walk into a friend's office yesterday on the day it bloomed. 💜 Irises have always been one of my childhood favorites! How much more Feng Shui can you get? They are regal, royal, rich purple! (I love all of the various shades of purple as well as the yellow ones.) They stand so tall, are absolutely stunning and striking, and this one-day-blooming-iris-plant actually has a lovely, subtle, delicate perfume as well.  Similarly, growing up my parents had a night blooming cereus plant which we, and our neighborhood friends anticipated the one-night-bloom of all year! It had the most beautiful scent ~ and gorgeous, dramatic white blossom. Friends would call inquiring about the status of the night blooming cereus weeks in advance. And when the night came, it became an event! Way to go, Mum & Dad lifting the August chi in our home!

Here is a throw-back photo from my senior prom where I'm carrying irises. To this day, I remember that when we arrived at a friend's house to take prom photos, she promptly plucked another beautiful iris out of her family's garden and presented it to me. What kindness! 💜 Enjoy these small moments. They feel so good!

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