Creativity & Children

Happy Feng Shui Friday & Happy June! If you have been innondated with rainy days and suddenly the sun is shining, enjoy! ☀️ Did you know that Feng Shui is a support system for our lives? When we feng shui our environment, our lives generally seem to also go with the flow. 💜

Did you know that the western "corner" of our space is symbolic of children and creativity?  I recommend symbolizing the number of people in your family in a way that makes sense to you, to boost your loving chi (energy) for your household. For example, this sweet photograph above of content animals playing musical instruments and happy, flourishing flowers in fun, whimsical planters adds a child-like (or inner-child, in terms of creativity) display for a loving family of four. See what you can do to add such symbols to the western "palace" of your home to add peaceful chi to your space and to your household. 

Team Your Feng Shui Guru is thankful to be a participant in this summer's "Accelerator Program" with "E for All" (the 'E' is for Entrepreneurs.) It will be exciting to be matched up with mentors!

We are also working on an upcoming workshop at a local college and anticipate the publication of a featured magazine article this summer. Additionally, our website will have a whole new look soon. I will keep you posted! 💜

I know it might sound a little crazy but when you activate your space, you activate your life! 

A Feng Shui consultation is the perfect Father's Day gift! Support your guy. Support your family. Here is an incentive for you. 💗


  • 10% off a home or office consultation

Enjoy a lovely weekend, friend! Let those creative juices flow! 

Peace & Love,

Megan ☀️