Flowing Chi Versus Confused Chi

Happy Feng Shui Friday! As I explained to my group of thirty or so college administrators, faculty and staff (across a variety of disciplines) yesterday, we want Chi (energy) to flow; We do not want Chi to be confused.  Too many doors in a row causes choppy, confusing Chi. Remedy: hang a crystal to diffuse chi in that hallway. 

A split pathway causes Chi to be confused. Clearly marked signs and key plantings can help to buffer this situation. 

Chi can get confused among people too, of course~ in a love affair or emotional affair. This can happen to good people. Of course in this case, a soulful connection has been made combined with sexual chemistry, creating an intoxicating combination that is addicting~ like a drug. Generally speaking, this is an example of split Chi among individuals who have feelings for two people simultaneously. Remedy? Sex therapist/counselor! And from a Feng Shui perspective, discovering what may be happening in your home and/or your business to support this split, instead of supporting the family unit, is crucial. 

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💜 Megan