Happy Summer Solstice! 

The summer solstice is a special symbolic day to Feng Shui! I love this photo that my five-year-old asked my husband to take of him in front of the large clock at Musee d'Orsay (a beautiful museum which used to be a train station) on vacation in France. Vacation is a lovely opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. With the start of summer, consider new ways that you can rekindle deeper connections. (And check your clocks to make sure they are all in sync to allow chi to flow smoothly and not be confused.)  Check to make sure your plants are alive and thriving, to bring the most bountiful Chi to your family and business. I love this pink flowering tree beneath the steps of Palace de Fountainbleau (and the sweet cherubs holding up a marble bowl of burgeoning bright bountiful flowers at Jardin du Luxembourg). 

Remember that your front door is symbolic of all of the chi that enters your home or business. What condition is it in? I felt drawn to this blue, regal door which adds a nourishing quality if your space faces north, east or south east. What color is your door? Painting a door is an easy, inexpensive summer project. Contact me to learn the best color for your front entrance to improve the quality of your life. 

Many blessings for a lovely, safe summer! 💜 Megan