Confidence in Your Conference Room

Have you ever wondered where the best place to sit around a conference table is? Perhaps you wonder why sometimes you are more engaged in a meeting or discussion than other times. Along with all of the other reasons that come to mind, your Feng Shui spot - or not- in the room, is also an important variable for success.  Which of the following three options would you prefer: to have a "jumpy" experience with your back to a door, a mentally-cluttered, distracted and depressing experience directly opposite a door~ in the "Coffin Position" ~especially one with signs screaming "Dead End"~ or ~ would you prefer the supportive, calm position of a solid wall behind you, a plant nearby, sitting so you are also facing toward the door but not in-line with the door, facing the speaker with complete focus? Ha! You have your answer. Where you sit will help set you up for optimal success in the board room! 

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