Wellness Paintings - Seascapes!

Ahhhh... Want to induce a calm feeling in your space? Why not consider hanging a seascape? Here is one which will calm you and lift your spirits with its cheery, happy colors and pleasant, relaxing scene. This is an example of one of the many pieces of artwork on display by local artists in Boston Children's at North Dartmouth:



The painting below is of a lovely seascape painted by my Godmother's mother:


(We had our eye on a gorgeous seascape made by a local artist for our new accent wall but the price was quite an investment. What a blessing when my aunt spotted this one in my parents' attic and, having already seen our new space, envisioned this painting on our wall! And what a blessing that my parents were all for it! I simply needed to get its original frame freshly glued and nailed to the painting. Yay!) See it hanging up on the wall in a photo on my new website: https://www.yourfengshuiguru.com




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Peaceful wishes to you, as always. And with this month's new moon approaching this weekend, hopeful wishes to you, for achieving any beautiful goals that you may have. Cheers to having a home environment or office set up to maximize health, wealth, and wellness in the best possible ways.


Love, Megan 


Megan Pogash