Football and Feng Shui!

Planning to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow? When my son’s new chess teacher mentioned how similar chess and football are- he captured my attention!





He described three important moves to make when one’s king is in check: move, block, or take. And guess what came to mind for me? Feng shui! :-)

If you are in-tune with your space and you sense something is “wrong” or “a little off” about your home or office environment, what do you need to do? Move. Block. Take.

Move. What do I mean? Are things not feeling great in your bedroom, for example? Maybe you or your partner have tried rearranging artwork, you’ve tried removing or adding rugs. You’ve tried changing the colors of the bedspread or throw-pillows. Have you tried moving the bed?  I can’t tell you how many times I hear “my house/room is a weird shape”. A room does not have to be “perfect” in proportion. Sometimes sliding your bed in a way that makes sense in your space- even just a few feet- can help to positively "move" the chi in your bedroom and help to spark romance or break insomnia’s hold on you- whatever the case may be. Moving chi helps you move forward in life.




Block. Or, conversely, unblock. Well, in feng shui I prefer to say ‘buffer’ or ‘diffuse’, with my hands waving gently through the air. :-)  In feng shui, we use The Five Element Theory of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal to protect and activate one’s space, to maximize the beneficial chi in any given space. For instance, is there a tree directly in-line with your front door? (I love trees but having this situation is a negative ‘block’ of energy at one’s Mouth of Chi.) What to do? Block it. Just like blocking and protecting one’s precious king in chess, or the precious Quarter Back or football. Add a flowing, flowering bush to buffer the intense energetic block of the tree facing one’s precious front door- through which all the life force energy (chi) for your family or business initially enters. Protect the energy facing your front door.

Take. Taking action- whatever that may mean in your particular space- is the first step. Just like any positive habit, getting started and making-a-dent in what needs to be done will help to shift your life. “Little things” like creating “homes” for items (even if that “home” is the top shelf for countless collected items from little hands, ha!! :-), putting things away and clearing out what is not loved… to “bigger things” like deciding if swapping rooms would create a more effective work space, investing in blinds for more privacy, better insulation, or an improved night’s sleep (just to name a few), are all so helpful. Take action, my friend. You can do it! :-)


And ladies, how about the queen in chess?! Got. To. Love. It. Stay powerful within. Contact me for feng shui help.


Enjoy tomorrow’s game, if you are planning to watch. Have a wonderful weekend!

And…Happy Feng Shui New Year on Monday, February 4th!!! :-) 


P.S. photo credit of Tom & Giselle: Getty Images in Glamour; Football chess players photo is from Amazon.

Megan Pogash