Happy Autumn! Happy October! I hope you are enjoying the groove of the season.

Have you noticed how often we hear the word balance? Turn on the radio, hear about the balance of trade. Own a company, create a balance sheet. Hungry for a snack, you may reach for a balance bar. I wonder, do you occasionally consider the balance of your home or office? Do you think of contacting Your Feng Shui Guru? :-)

Did you listen to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in the Kavanaugh hearing, when she spoke about how her family’s house renovation (in which she insisted on adding a second front door) prompted her therapy visits with her husband? As a feng shui master, that was quite telling to hear. It is no surprise that the mixed chi of having two front doors, along with other factors, lead to an increased feeling of chaos and uncertainty within their marriage, as a couple, adding to the trauma that she lived with, which intensely bubbled up.

Can you think of anyone who would benefit from the support of feng shui? Can you think of a school or organization within the community which could benefit from a wellness space? Do you have questions about the many benefits of feng shui?

Come visit me at some of these Fall events!

Sunday, October 28th:

Dartmouth High School:

“6th Annual Southeastern MA Community Resource & Craft Fair”

10am - 2pm


Thursday, November 1st:

Bristol community College (Fall River Campus)”

“Entrepreneur Day”



Wednesday, November 28th:

New Bedford Public Library:

“Feng Shui Your Workplace: Feng Shui Principles to Optimize Your Workplace and/or Your Business”

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Wednesday, December 5th:


“Declutter & Arrange Your Desk for a More Productive, Supportive Work Flow”

New Bedford

12noon - 1:00pm.

Can’t wait to see you! Here’s to peace and positive flow for all!

xo Megan

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