Happy Lunar New Year!

This Lunar New Year, why not enjoy setting a positive, soulful intention for yourself? Activate this happy, new dedication by enjoying wearing red whenever you can over the next 15 days of this exciting celebration (from new moon to full moon).

Teachers, parents, grandparents, people, feel free to activate your classroom, home, office, or restaurant when children (or adults) have become restless.

Here are some easy, effective tips to incorporate into your daily practice:

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Include the beautiful power of sound; ring a bell to help clear the air and clear the mind.

Activate your space with fresh air (feng means air); Simply opening a window for a few minutes will allow fresh air, fresh energy, fresh life-force chi, to circulate in a space that may feel stagnant.

Utilize the power of scent; As mixologists and chefs know well, this sense impacts us greatly. Why not try sageing your room or using an aromatherapy diffuser with a scent that is subtle and pleasant for all (try lavender or lemon), provided allergies to these are not a concern.

Consider using some of these feng shui tips to “clean the slate” if the energy from a disagreement lingers. These are effective ways to start your day or your shift. Breathe in all of the positive energy that you are putting forward to do all that you can to set your space up for success.

Enjoy a blessed Lunar New Year!

Health and harmony,

Megan Pogash, MSEd. in Higher Ed.

Your Feng Shui Guru

Master Feng Shui Consultant


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