I work with all kinds of small businesses:

  • realtors
  • staging companies
  • interior designers
  • furniture stores
  • kitchen & home stores
  • construction companies
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • cafes
  • homeowners 


Our workplace environment influences everything about business.   

Your Feng Shui Guru helps you cultivate creativity, confidence, improved relationships and overall abundance by editing your possessions to clear the space and rearrange what remains.

Your Feng Shui Guru supports and guides you in the selection of paint color,  furniture, lighting, and shelving systems to transform your business, so that it not only functions and looks pretty, but also gives off a happy, inviting vibe to all who frequent it.  



    Your Feng Shui Guru Client Examples:



    Case Study:

    By repositioning this desk 90 degrees, this business owner now enjoys the support of a solid wall directly behind her back,  allowing her to more effectively run her organization and yield more clients.


    Case Study:

    This business owner incorporated a boost of color symbolism into her new signage; By adding cheery green and blue signs to the existing classic gray, she boosted curb appeal and growth for her business. 


    Case Study:

    With the addition of a nourishing feature by her cash register, this businesswoman enjoyed a steady increase of clients and income to her bakery.